I was smiling thinking about this post because decisions run from the silly (skim milk in the latte or whole?) to the serious ( you can fill in your own “serious” here). The thing about decisions is that sometimes you have to live with the results, maybe consequences, for a long time, as any woman who has made the decision to try bangs can attest. I write this because I find myself at a point of inertia, a spot of overstayed complacency.

If you haven’t read Who Moved My Cheese, you should. It is a very short, small book that has had the most profound impact on my life aside from the New Testament. I was working at a university that required staff to read the book. I am forever grateful they did.  It is a simple illustration about decision-making. Do you know that not making a decision is itself making a decision? The downside is that you forgo any control or input on the outcome. Personally, I would rather be master of my own destiny.

There are many reasons people are reluctant to make a decision, especially one that might have long-ranging life impacts. Fear, complacency, insecurity, you get the idea. So you become faced with the status quo or taking control, making a decision! Like most, I have a fear of the unknown but I would rather meet the unknown on my terms, at my choosing, not someone else’s. It also doesn’t hurt to pray a bit while you think, consider and finally act. A wee bit of Divine grace goes a long way.

So I will pray while I prepare and ultimately decide. Hopefully, these dang bangs will have grown in by then.