I have noticed over the years that there are times, usually when I am presented with a choice to make, that I get a tingly spidey sense that this is a crossroads moment. I get an awareness that I need to pay attention here, that this is a soul lesson.

You are wondering what I mean by a “soul lesson”. I firmly believe we are on this earth to allow our souls to learn and grow and thus we are presented with “lessons”. Some times the lesson is not between an obvious right or wrong but between a right and a more right. Some times the lesson is between what you want, maybe a heart’s desire, or hurting someone else.

I recently had awareness of one of those lessons. And oddly, I knew it was another chance. I had been at this decision point before. Exactly the same decision point. I knew it! And…… I got it wrong. Again.

This time, however, my pain, over the hurt I caused, was worse than I could have imagined. I was petty, I was selfish and I hurt the one I love most over something so lovingly well intentioned. I regretted it the moment the words came out of my mouth. But you can’t unring a bell. The look of hurt was enough for me. My heart broke. My soul knows though, and has learned the lesson. I suspect I will not get that lesson again.